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NinjAuth - config URLs
  • Where the hack did the urls config went from ninjauth config file? I just updated the ninjauth submodule in my project just too see it breaks all the functionality :(. First think I noticed that in new Ninjauth config file there is no more
     'urls' => array(
      'registration' => '',
      'login' => '',
      'callback' => '',
      'registered' => '',
      'logged_in' => '',

    what happened?
  • Looks like they have been moved to static properties of the controller.
  • I don't know, didn't find it my self. Anyway the current checked in code is not working anyway. There are exceptions, even when configured as the package owner says. The package is a mess! Should be removed or rolled back to a state where it was a list working.
  • Did you report it to the author? Or created an issue for it? I know he's busy with a rewrite to make it framework agnostic, so it could well be the current development version isn't stable.

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