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Many to many with Form::Select()
  • Hey, I'm new to Fuel and I stumbled upon something I can't seem to solve by myself... Relationship:
    - Artists can have many Albums
    - Albums can have many Artists I have a many to many relationship and I'm trying to select the saved value on a Form::select() control in edit mode but I can't do it. I'm setting a global to pass the data to the dropdownlist
    // Controller
    $this->template->set_global('albums', Arr::assoc_to_keyval(Model_Album::find('all'), 'id', 'title'));
    // View
    <?php echo Form::select('albums', Input::post('albums', isset($artist) ? $artist->albums->title : '', $albums)); ?>

    Anyone who knows what I'm missing? I'd really appreciate some help!

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