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Captcha Package - Driver based
  • Hi,
    I have created a new driver based Captcha Package There are currently two drivers for it
    - Simplecaptcha
    - reCAPTCHA The Simplecaptcha driver allows you to generate your own captcha images, check if keys match etc. The reCAPTCHA driver, is a modified version of the current fuel reCAPTCHA package.
    I also added the ability to load custom views for the reCAPTCHA html. Let me know your thoughts. Carl
  • Hi Carl,

    I'm having a heck of a time trying to get this to work. If you can get back me on this, that would be rteally helpful.

    I keep getting the 'incorrect-captcha-sol' error. I have changed the local default message to say something else, but it continually shows this.

    I may be putting the forge in the wrong place or the only other thing I can think of is that this is posting twice in the submission of y form.
  • when I use this package.

    <? echo Captcha::forge('simplecaptcha')->image();?>



    �a�@ͅ��AQws�e� �T�UA�?n���Q�9N\�x1�m$8r��ϱ�1�ei�'n2�}�N�

    What do i do?
  • You cannot echo and image, so don't try to echo it. you need to load it with the asset

  • Please explain a little more
    what should i do?
  • Your webpage needs to include

    <img src="/controller/method" />

    and the "action_method" in "controller" needs to do that echo.
  • Thank you
    It worked :D

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