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BackendPro for Fuel
  • When I use CI, I always use BackendPro. That one made my life easier. I am hoping one day someone will make the same kind of apps for FuelPHP. Mmmmm I wish I could creat it.
    Meanwhile I will start from Stationwagon. Thanks to the FUEL team and Stationwagon team. And I wish a fast recovery for Dan.
  • This would be awesome!
  • What features would you like to see in this?  BackendPro was good but there is always room for improvement

  • I don't know Backend Pro, but it sounds very useful. 
    It is a backend with some built in feature for CI, right? 
  • Something like this need te bo simple as possible because of further developing (building on top of it). 


    - Separated front&back end with seo friendly URIs 

    - User management (ACL) 

    - Category system (for front end)

    - Multilingual (front&back end) system

    - static page management (add,edit,remove) 

    - database backup system

    - log system for user activity

    - simple CRON example (something like birthday reminder, just for example sake) 

  • Does it create all automatically? Or developers have to create classes and methods for new functionality manually?
  • Most of the "wishes" I wrote above are already implemented in BackEndPro . If you need anything else you need to create everything manually. 

    Something like BackEndPro is useful if you are mostly working on the same project types that uses this features. 

  • Ah ok, thanks!
    Mmm, it is interesting, for some project I use the same BE.

    In every project I've created a "Admin_Controller" to do some project related stuff; it is extended by a module that I called "nsadmin" and its "root controller" extend that project one. So the situation is:

    Admin_controller (project) -> NSAdmin_Controller (module) -> everything else.

    And then I've created some module and every BE functionality of the module extends the NSAdmin_Controller, so I have all the user checks, functionality and theme up to work.

    Is it something like that?
  • It is exactly that ;) 
  • I'm writing some article about fuel, asked by forum's users.
    Next one is Separation between BE and FE, next i18n. 
    If you can wait I'll write something about it with a module release :)

    Fuel Start.
    backend, backoffice system for FuelPHP with many features but not too many. :-)

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