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New docs section suggestion
  • Hi, I like your Framework very much.
    But i didn't really like the docs section.
    This doesn't look as professional as the rest of your great work. So i made a demo version of a better doc framework in my opinion : It's 1 file at the moment just for demo purposes and a hardcoded tree which ofcourse can be json data or something like that.
    I used dojo as a javascript framework wich is better suited for displaying docs. Sorry for my crappy english :)
  • Markdown means we loose things like var, kbd and classes for marking up values, constants, methods and chunks of not only code but notices and "cli" examples. We'd need to mix HTML with Markdown just to get it half decent, and that to be just seems like extra effort.
  • My team and I have actually been playing around with the fuel docs and markdown using jQuery and showdown... that rhymes. Like Phil said there will be caveats. However most of the issues with cli, code, and tables examples can be accomplished and we have. I think the major downside were noticing is the ability to view documentation offline as only some browsers support local XHR. Were really trying to find a cool, easy solution so I hope we continue to have extra time to experiment and play with it, and have something the fuel team can look at and get some ideas from.
  • I too think the docs section needs a fresher look. I like how CI has done theirs. I also think it should be as minimal as possible and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not require the framework to run it.
  • Hey guys, Thanks for the suggestions.
    We are still planning on where to go next with the docs and no final decission has been made. But it's a safe bet that the look will change (we've asked our site's designer to look into this) and we may move all docs to markdown instead of normal html. If we do the latter we'll keep offering the docs in a fully parsed html package for download though.
  • markdown would be a great way to keep a standard. I may throw my 2 cents in on a demo.
  • Hahaha why spent any money when there is a community to do it for you?
    I don't get the part about "should be as minimal as possible and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not require the framework to run it".
    It should be easy to use for the programmers who uses your framework? Isn't that the main requirement of any great api, doc or any other help? But any way keep up the good work with this great framework. I think the work you all did to build these classes in such a short time is really amazing. Frank

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