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Transferred App Not Working
  • I have a fuel app written at work that runs great so far. However, I just set up ubuntu server at home and transferred all the files into the same directories, and it's not working any more. The index page loads, great, but when trying to click a link... The issue is that when using uri::create('auth/index'); - it can't actually find this any more on my home server even though all the files are in exactly the same place. Server responds with 404 error. Does anyone know why this might be the case?
  • The links generated are correct? No weird things in it, no public, no index.php that might indicate a rewrite issue? Do you get a FuelPHP 404 or an Apache 404? If that's all ok, do you develop on Windows by any chance? If so, are all your file and folder names in lower case? FuelPHP requires that, but Windows doesn't care as the file system isn't case sensitive. But Linux does...
  • Hmm well when navigating to the controller folder in the browser it brings up a 500 error. The controller folder DOES have an index.php in it... I'm not sure what server settings are needed to stop this happening in the controller folder. Short from changing the index.php, is there another way around this (I'm assuming this is the problem here).
  • What is the "controller folder"? I think I need to know your exact setup. FuelPHP doesn't have a controller folder (that you can navigate to and that has an index.php). There is only one index.php, the FuelPHP front controller, which lives in /public, and all requests should be redirected to it.

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