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Exception Error show in Production : is it normal ?
  • For testing purposes, I manually throwed an exception without catching and it showed the error page with the complete backtrace in PRODUCTION mode.
    Is it normal ??
  • No, it isn't. And it doesn't happen here, if I throw an error in action_index() of the Welcome controller, it production mode it will just say "Oops. An unexpected error has occured". So are you sure you're in production mode? Dump \Fuel::$env to be sure.
  • Ooops, I forgot to set the Fuel::$env parameter in the bootstrap file while adding fuelphp to my own "framework", thanks. By the way, can we prevent the Debug output (in production mode) ?
    Sometimes, I might forget to remove the Debug::dump lines and put the code on production (bad habit I know but it occurs). Also, congrats for the work done.
  • I don't think it can be restricted at the moment. Please create an issue for this at so someone can have a look...
  • OK I'll do it or make a pull request

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