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Oil and Windows!
  • I Try to run
    D:\server\htdocs\projects\fuel_blog>D:\server\php\php.exe oil create blog and I see: Usage:
    php oil [cell|console|generate|package|refine|help|test] Runtime options:
    -f, # Overwrite files that already exist
    -s, # Skip files that already exist
    -q, # Supress status output
    -t, # Speak errors in a robot voice Description:
    The 'oil' command can be used in several ways to facilitate quick development, help with
    testing your application and for running Tasks. Environment:
    If you want to specify a specific environment oil has to run in, overload the environment
    variable on the commandline: FUEL_ENV=staging php oil <commands> Documentation:

    What I do wrong ?
  • Very good question, I don't see anything wrong. That php.exe is the CLI version? (run it with -v to check).
  • other commands works, except: create
  • Ah, misread that. On linux machines, oil is started by a shell script (batch file in windows terms), not by loading the "oil" php file directory. "Create" is a function of that shell script, which uses git to create a new local fuelphp install. Afaik there is no git commandline version for Windows, so that part of oil is not going to work, you will have to clone the repo manually, or download the zip file and install that.

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