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"Error: Unable to read existing migrations. Do you have an 'open_basedir' defined" Oil (in Windows)
  • This is frustrating, I've been looking for a solution and nothing works, help!!

    I get the above error when I try to generate scaffold. I have xampp and apache/php work, so does phpMyAdmin. 

    I checked my php.ini and verified open_basedir routes to the c:\xampp\ directory. I then verified it through phpinfo(); -- it shows it is reading the folder correctly!
    safe_mode is off. 

    Help! :( Any ideas?
  • The code that generates that message is:
            // Check if a migration with this name already exists
            if (($duplicates = glob(APPPATH."migrations/*_{$migration_name}*")) === false)
                throw new Exception("Unable to read existing migrations. Do you have an 'open_basedir' defined?");

    glob() will return false if it was unable to read the directory. This could also be a permissions issue, or an incorrect definition of APPPATH (did you use a non-standard installation?).

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