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Get an error after installing Fuel on Subdomain
  • Hello,

    I have installed Fuel correctly for the first time ona webserver.
    Under everything is runnign perfectly.
    Then I tried to make a staging installation under which now shows an error:

    Fuel\Core\FuelException [ Error ]: There is no security.output_filter defined in your application config file
    COREPATH/classes/security.php @ line 59

    I have checked my config.php an find there is ecurity.output_filter set with:

    'security' =>
            'csrf_autoload' => false,
            'csrf_token_key' => 'fuel_csrf_token',
            'csrf_expiration' => 0,
            'uri_filter' =>
                0 => 'htmlentities',
            'input_filter' =>
            'output_filter' =>
                0 => 'Security::htmlentities',
            'htmlentities_flags' => 3,
            'htmlentities_double_encode' => false,
            'auto_filter_output' => true,
            'whitelisted_classes' =>
                0 => 'Fuel\\Core\\Response',
                1 => 'Fuel\\Core\\View',
                2 => 'Fuel\\Core\\ViewModel',
                3 => 'Closure',

    Any idea why this error is appearing?
    Do I have to make some adjustments in config.php when using this on a Subdaomain?

  • The most likely cause of this is that you have used a Core method somewhere that requires cleaning before the application configuration is loaded.

    For example Input::uri() or Input::get(), in your index.php or your app/bootstrap.php.

    You can't access the framework until it's initialized, which is the last line in the default app/bootstrap.php.
  • Was some other stupid thing:
    I haven't set the Database for Enviroment Stage correctly. :.-(

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