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Error with Composer
  • Hi all,
    I've an error with an application I've created. I've created a project in github with submodules for every required package, but when I download it and try to run the application I get this error:

    "Composer is not installed. Please run "php composer.phar update" in the root to install Composer"

    I've installed Composer, updated it, created the composer.json file but the problem persists.
    Any idea how to solve it?

    The repository is this:

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    You are using 1.6/develop of the Fuel core packages, but not for your app.

    So you're missing the composer.json file, and you're missing the composer code in the app bootstrap. And perhaps your index.php is out of date too...
  • Thanks for your reply, I added a submodule to the head, that is setted up with the develop branch...
    After changing the submodule to point to the last master version all works well.
    IF you are interested, I've noticed that all heads are the 1.6/develop except for the LOG package, its head is the 1.5/develop.

    And can you tell me an article that explain how to try the 1.6/develop branch?
  • 1.6/develop doesn't use the Log package anymore. It was a teriible experiment in 1.5 that went wrong. There is no reference to it anymore in the 1.6/develop branch of the fuel/fuel repo:

    The 1.6/develop branch of fuel/fuel contains both the composer.json file and the composer.phar, so all you need to do after installation is run "php composer.phar update", which will install the dependencies.
  • Thank you very much, wonderful explanation

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