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this may be a jst php quection
  • there is a "id" at url of


    this file i can access it in this file

    i need access it at


    this who to access it?
  • I don't understand a word you're saying. Can you be more specific? Code example perhaps?
  • there is a id at database when i run this mainform.php this file is the running file it is at this path 
    fuel/app/view/mainform.php jast i can access that id at this file and echo but i need access it at


     on this rceipt file can you understand . who i create a function or object to access this id
  • Store it in a session?
  • yes its in a session
  • If it's in a session, you can access it everywhere. So what's the question then?
  • please tell me how to access a session i dont know how to access a session
  • Configure your session by copying fuel/core/config/session.php to app/config and change it to choose your session storage.

    Then use Session::set() to store data in the session, and Session::get() to retrieve it in another request.

    See for more information.

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