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Oil r fromdb:scaffold - Relationships / Many to Many / etc..
  • Hi,

    I have a site setup and would like to maintain the db structure. Oil seems to be able to create the scaffolding from the db, but I have join tables that dont seem to be created correctly and neither are the relationships.

    I have table: car (id, name) and a table: features (id, feature) . Then I have a join table: car_features (id, car_id, feature_id) . The tables are innodb and have the FKs set up on them for data integrity.

    When I did: oil r fromdb:scaffold car, features, car_features, I just got three new models, crontrollers, etc. The models and insert pages dont have the ability to add features to a car.

    What did I miss, or is this even possible for Oil?


  • Oil doesn't do relations, and therefore it doesn't do relation or join tables either.

    To maintain your database schema, use migrations. Oil will generate those for the tables themselfs, you will have to add the rest manually.

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