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How to access query results?
  • Hey! How can i access my query results :/ ? i have this query and if i try to echo the result it wont work in any way.

    $res = Model_Ncard::query()->where('Nname', 'LIKE', '%'.$name.'%' )->or_where('Nname_DE', 'LIKE', '%'.$name.'%')->get();
                    foreach($res as $row)


    If im doing it with print_r i get a very strange result like shown below oO anyone get ideas?!?!

    Model_Ncard Object ( [_is_new:protected] => [_frozen:protected] => [_data:protected] => Array ( [id] => 1 [Nid] => 3041 [Nname] => Aesthir Glider [Nset] ...etc
  • kenjiskenjis
    Accepted Answer
    Don't worry, it an object. It is ok.

    See, for example, $row->Nname

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