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Installing FuelPHP 1.6
  • I just recently downloaded this framework after having to give up on the dying CodeIgniter. For some reason I find the instructions hard to understand considering I am a complete newb in web development. Please do not give me the "Read the instructions attitude".

    I followed the tutorials up on Youtube, the one about how to install FuelPHP. I extracted the files to my htdocs folder (by the way I am using XAMPP on a Windows PC) and upon trying to run it, this is what I get:

    "Composer is not installed. Please run "php composer.phar update" in the root to install Composer"

    I tried reading the manual about the error, but the problem is I am not really sure how to execute the composer.phar. Do I do it in cmd or something? Sorry but I am kinda new in the field. I know you guys can understand my position. I am really excited to start my adventure with this framework.

    Thank you for spending time reading my troubles. :D
  • You can find more info about Composer here:

    Composer is a package manager, similar to sparks in CodeIgniter, but standardized across frameworks, and with a built-in autoloader, so everything you install just works.

    you run that command in the root of your FuelPHP installation. You should already have a composer.phar and a composer.json file there.

    On Windows, it could be that PHP is not in the path. Open a cmd box, go to the folder you installed Fuel in, and give the command "php -v". If it shows you the PHP version, you're good to go. If is says it can't find php.exe, you'll need to prefix it, like "C:\where\ever\php\is\php.exe composer.phar install".

    I don't use Windows, so I don't know where XAMPP installs PHP.
  • I was able to make it work after using git shell. But how do I set up custom url for a certain fuel application?
  • What do you mean by "custom URL"? The url to your application depends on your webserver setup, not on Fuel.

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