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OrmAuth has_access
  • Is it normal for has_access to take (with caching enabled) 2ms per request? (on a fast server)

    For the 'menu' part of the project, i'm looping through all options with has_access, there's about 20 modules with all separate rights installed. It takes approx 35-45ms to just loop through all options and generate the menu..

    Perhaps there's another option to loop through pages like that?
  • Ehm, just found out my cache folder wasn't properly chmodded and didn't receive a error, it's down to 5ms for the total now. Please close this post :)
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Are you running in 'development' or 'production' mode?

    You should get an error if the cache folder isn't writable...

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