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Opauth exampels in fuelphp docs
  • hi, i am kinda new fuelphp, loving it, and starting to learn opauth and looking at the examples, found that they are outdated, because they are using message class which aren't anymore in fuelphp, didn't find anything about them in docs. Are they replaced with session::set_flash? 

    Kinda unrelated to the topic(sorry) - also just half-way during project started using migrations, got oil working on windows. What the way to migrate every tale so far, and how to add the opauth provider table migratiosn the easiest way?

  • A Message class was never part of Fuel, which examples are you talking about?

    Opauth is integrated into the Auth package, which already comes will all required migrations.
  • <code>// inform the user we're linked
    'login.provider-linked'), ucfirst($provider)));
    // logged in, go back where we came from,
    // or the the user dashboard if we don't know
    // login failed, show an error message

    For example this.

    Yeah, i have found those migrations, try to run them, but shows that im already on the latest migration, although tables aren't created. If i check migration version it only shows default, whenever i try the up them or anything else. I know its my fault somewhere. Also how to create migrations for all existing tables??

    <code>C:\wamp\www\latvija-ziedo > php oil refine migrate --packages=auth
    Already on the latest migration for package:auth.</code>
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    We've gotten more reports of this issue, all from people using Windows, so it might be related somewhere.

    We don't develop on Windows, and I personally don't have Windows at all, so it's difficult to pinpoint the issue.

    As to the message class, see, under assumptions.

    The example code isn't meant as a cut-and-paste and it works example, but to show you how you could setup an auth controller. It comes out of a working application, and copy all it's dependencies into the example isn't really an option.

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