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FuelPHP freelance developer needed - Work with Novius OS team
  • Hi,

    We're the company behind Novius OS, a FuelPHP-powered CMS.
    We're looking for an experienced FuelPHP developer (daily rate contract) to work on one of our current biggest projects.

    You must be:
    - Proficient with FuelPHP, jQuery and Git
    - Knowledgeable in front-end development with Bootstrap or Foundation
    - Fluent in French

    Apply at Please include links to work samples.
    This could be more than a one-time collaboration since we have regular FuelPHP development needs.

  • Bonjour.

    Je suis d'Inde. Je parse Francais.C'est possible de travailler?
  • Bonjour Purusothama,

    Sorry for my late answer. Don't hesitate to send your resume here, we recently worked with a Freelance living in Thaïland so we are open.

    Thanks :)

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