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ormauth issue
  • Hello, I have followed the code for register an permission, save it to group with action, and test it with an user from this group, I can't got working action :

    If I do : \Auth::has_access('admin.list[other]')
    it works because the 'other' action is not in the list, but for \Auth::has_access('admin.list[delete]') it should not access because user group is setup for only list and add actions.

  • You're not testing with the admin user that is created by default? Because that has superadmin access by default, so has_access() already returns true.

    To check the effective permissions, do a Debug::dump() of a Cache::get() of the users permissions. It should return an array with 3 elements: the first being the assigned permissions, the second the revoked permissions, and the third is the superadmin boolean. If that is true, has_access is always true.
  • hey,

    no, no admin or super admin, I created this user based on group 4 (moderator).
    I will dump at office tomorow and will report it, thanks
  • Just setup a test. My user's cache file contains:

      (Array, 3 elements) ↵
         0 (Array, 1 element) ↵
             finance (Array, 1 element) ↵
                 test (Array, 3 elements) ↵
                     0 (String): "view" (4 characters)
                     1 (String): "edit" (4 characters)
                     2 (String): "delete" (6 characters)
         1 (Array, 0 elements)
         2 : null

    so one area ("finance"), one permission ("test"), and three actions. No revokations, and no global access or global ban.




    true, true, false.

    So here it works as it should.
  • I tested on a new app, freshly installed, it worked fine. So issue come from my app.
    When I switched on my 1.7-dev core/package the issue appeared again. So the Auth package was not up to date.

    I dont understand Harro because I always applied this script for my update :

    find "$path_of_core_packages" -type d -name .git -exec sh -c "cd \"{}\"/../ && pwd && git pull && echo" \;

    so it doesn't update not well.

    Thanks for all your time and headaches I gave you :P
  • I found its because I have not read the update log when I updated with git pull :

    > Update fuel-1.7
    remote: Counting objects: 30, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (11/11), done.
    remote: Total 18 (delta 13), reused 11 (delta 6)
    Unpacking objects: 100% (18/18), done.
       7335a61..da8e6cb  1.8/develop -> origin/1.8/develop
    Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref '1.7/develop'
    from the remote, but no such ref was fetched.
    Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref '1.7/develop'
    from the remote, but no such ref was fetched.

    So the fixs was in the final, and it didn't updated the last Auth

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