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Auth::dont_remember_me() remember anyway.
  • Hi,

    I'm a French student who try to learn FuelPHP, and I have a problem with the remember_me/dont_remember_me function.

    I use the example of this FuelPHP website with this code :

                            if (\Input::param('remember', false))
                                // create the remember-me cookie
                                $var1 = 'remember' ;
                                // delete the remember-me cookie if present
                                $var2 = 'dont' ;

    and I have added a "Remember me" checkbox.

    So, when I connect myself to my application (everything else about authentication work), if I check or not the "Remember me" checkbox, I'm always remembered (to check it, I turn off and turn on firefox ; I tried it with a real website to see if it was a problem with firefox, but everything works).
    You can see with $var1 and $var2 I check if I'm going into "if" or "else". Even when I go inside else and "\Auth::dont_remember_me()" is called, I'm remembered.

    If someone can help me with that, thanks. I guess I just don't see some obvious thing.

    P.S. I hope my grammar is not so terrible.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Once you're "remembered", a second cookie is set that will log you in if you're not logged in. If you then remove the "remember_me" cookie, you will still be logged in due to your normal login session. Once that expires (our you logout explicitly) you should be logged out.
  • Thanks, your answer help to find what was wrong.
    My configuration was not good, I thought session was closed when the browser was closed by default, and I thought remember_me was set at true by default ... it was the opposite.
    Now it work perfectly.

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