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Auth::has_access() on multiple drivers
  • I've got multiple drivers and checking has_access() on one driver. I use: Auth::instance('Simpleauth')->has_access('posts.create', 'Simpleacl') to check. Otherwise Auth checks both drivers, and could potentially return false positives (if the user-roles and access rules are similar).

    Just wanted to check if this was the best way to go about this.

  • The mutliple driver design was meant to be a system for mutliple auth backends.

    If will only check drivers that are in a logged-in state, so it your user is authenticated by your second driver, the has_access() method of your first driver will return false immediately, due to a missing user.

    This is how simpleauth/ormauth work, I can say anything about your own custom driver, but it should work this way too.

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