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Column ID in Ormauth User Permission?
  • I'm using the Ormauth driver, and I'm getting the following error: 

    Fuel\Core\Database_Exception [ 1054 ]:
    Unknown column '' in 'field list' [ SELECT `t0`.`actions` AS `t0_c0`, `t0`.`id` AS `t0_c1`, `t0`.`role_id` AS `t0_c2`, `t0`.`perms_id` AS `t0_c3` FROM `usuario_role_permissions` AS `t0` WHERE `t0`.`role_id` = '2' ]
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    You're on 1.8/develop? There has been a change in the table layout of the join tables.

    You have to run your Auth migrations again, migration 010_auth_fix_jointables will make the required changes.
  • Thank you again.

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