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Pager.php Pear did not work in fuelphp ?

  •  //create dummy array of data
    $myData = array();
    for ($i=0; $i<200; $i++) {
        $myData[] = $i;

    $params = array(
        'itemData' => $myData,
        'perPage' => 10,
        'delta' => 8,             // for 'Jumping'-style a lower number is better
        'append' => true,
        //'separator' => ' | ',
        'clearIfVoid' => false,
        'urlVar' => 'entrant',
        'useSessions' => true,
        'closeSession' => true,
        //'mode'  => 'Sliding',    //try switching modes
        'mode'  => 'Jumping',

    $pager =  & Pager::factory($params);
    $page_data = $pager->getPageData();
    $links = $pager->getLinks();

    I am get the error like this 

    Fuel\Core\PhpErrorException [ Runtime Notice ]: Non-static method Pager::factory() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context

  • How old is the framework you're using? We don't use factory() since I think 1.1?
  • my fuelphp version is 1.6 
  • The Fuel framework doesn't have a class called Pager, so I don't know what that is.

    It does have a class called Pagination. From the methods used I assume Pager is some sort of extension for it, but written for a very old version of the framework (given the fact it uses 'factory'). So changes are you are running into some sort of version incompatibility.
  • here I mean Pager.php from pear pagination class

    I am using that because I want to create paging from my array result.
  • Then you're perhaps in the wrong forum.

    But the message is very clear: "Non-static method Pager::factory() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context"

    It's not a static class, and factory() is not defined as a static method, so you can't call it statically, you need an object you can call it on.
  • Hi Harron

    I am agree with you that message is so clear, but when I am try to change using $this context , I got the errors to using static method, that was so weird

    this my code

    $pager =  new Pager();

    after run 

    Fuel\Core\PhpErrorException [ User Error ]: Pager constructor is deprecated. You must use the "Pager::factory($params)" method instead of "new Pager($params)"

    I don't know that happend from framework or my php version.
  • The problem of this message is that this Pager class is a piece of antique PHP4 rubbish...

    In PHP4, you had to define a method with the same name as the class, and this method was called as a constructor. In PHP5, your constructor method has to be called __construct.

    Also, late PHP4 and early PHP5 didn't care about static and non-static, so you didn't get the warning. But in current PHP versions, you no longer call non-static method statically.
  • ok , thanks you for the information, maybe i should choice another way for array pagination.
  • Why not use the frameworks own Pagination class?
  • I think I got problem in query params  pagination ?dostull=...&do_another=...
    for new version supported that params in pagination.

    I just fixed by upgrade my version framework.and using pagination class on framework.

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