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FuelPHP 1.x Composer Setup
  • I released "FuelPHP 1.x Composer Setup".

    This is fuel/fuel repo which has no git submodules, and all submodules are installed via Composer.

  • Is this only the introduction of the json, and removal of the submodules?
    If so, do you mind sending it in as PR on 1.8/develop?

    Getting rid of the submodules is a long standing task on my list.
  • Yes, it is. In fact, the repo has no docs.

    I'll send PR including docs.

  • Great.

    I'm planning on releasing 1.7.2 soon, so we can include it then. It also means changing installation instructions, and the oil shell script (from because that uses submodules too...
  • Now I wrote
    "reference": "1.7/master"

    But, 1.7/master is a branch. So it is changing. This means we can't install past version (eg, 1.7.2) after 1.7.3 will be released.

    We need a commit or tag of all submodules to fix the exact commit.

    How about tagging when we release?


    There are tags of the past release versions.
    $ git tag

  • Thanks.

    In the beginning we worked with a single branch, end tagging was needed, later it was decided to create separate branches for each version.

    I don't really have a problem with this. 1.7.1 is a maintenance release on 1.7, 1.7.2 is a maintainance release on 1.7.1. There should not be a need to install 1.7.0 if there is a 1.7.2. (especially not in this case, since 1.7.2 will fix a vulnerability).
  • You are probably right. I changed the references to "1.7/master". It makes "composer install/update" install latest 1.7/master.

    But I still want tags with no related to this PR. There is no easy way to get specific version of FuelPHP source code with Git. For example, how do you know the changes between 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 easily?

  • I know, because I have all versions local, but I understand you're point. The sooner we get to v2 the better (it is completely tag/version based, no more seperate repositories).

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