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users_metadata table
  • Is there a reason the 'value' field was varchar with a constraint of 100 for the users_metadata table? I was saving the user agent as part of the user profile fields and it's getting cut.
    Can we update this to a text type? If not, I'll just update it for my app.

    Also, since I'm talking about the user agent, should I not be storing the user agent there? Suggestions on where to save it?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Nope, random choice. You can update it to anything you want.

    Where should it store the user agent? Which user agent (the browser one)? And why?
  • Thanks Harro. I just wanted to make sure before I made my change.

    Yes, I'm referring to the browser user agent. I'm saving it for each user so that the backend 'admin' panel can show browser and platform information. I looked at the Agent class but I think it's only for the current user/visitor. I need to be able to report on all users. Maybe I'm not seeing how the Agent class can help?
    I've yet to do anything like this in Fuel so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Agent is indeed for the current user.

    In your use-case, meta data is a logical place to store it, best place to do it is when the user logs in.
  • Thanks!

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