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Is there an endorsed "Hello World" tutorial for FuelPHP
  • I looked for a "Hello World" tutorial within the docs and this forum and didn't find anything.  I've found some tutorials online but each seems clumsy and determined to show the non-simple or anti-pattern approaches.

    Is there a tutorial with the basics of setting up a new Model, View & Controller?
  • I don't think there is one. There were a few screencasts but they got lost by the hoster and the person how made them didn't keep a copy.

    This is a pretty quick rundown or reasonable quality: If you want to have a look at an application, this is not a bad start; It contains most of the elements used in every appilcation

    The problem with tutorials in general is that they are an interpretation of how the author thinks things should be done.

    Fuel is a very flexible framework, it can be moulded to the specific requirements of the developer, instead of forcing the developer to work a specific way.

    The quickest way to start going, is just to start going. If you get stuck, the quickest way to get an answer is to pop into our IRC channel, #fuelphp on freenode. There are usually people online that can get you on your way pretty quickly.

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