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How to put into and get from through table with many_many ralation?
  • Didn't find if anybody ask this question earlier... Seemed, this operation is usual enough to interesting for it.

    Ok. I have two tables: the 'vegetables' and the 'orders', it has many-to-many relation through the 'orders_vegetables' and contains some one field 'amount'.

    I created models Model_Order and Model_Vegetable and set _many_many properites accordingly.

    I want to set a value of the 'amount' field, when I create the order with set of vegetables. And I naturally want to read a value of the 'amount' field, when I select the certain vegetable in the certain order.

    I would want that it was like this:
    $order = Model_Order::find($order_id);

    But only the way that seems right is to create one more model: Model_Ordervegetable and set two has_many relations for both tables... I have not tried this yet, but decided first to ask for correct solution as designed, if it did...

    Offtopic: My wife always say to me: "Don't build complex compound sentences in English or don't be surprised then, if anyone did not understand you" :-D

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    If you have attributes in your through table, it's not a through table anymore, you have just created two one-to-many relations using three tables.

    And yes, that would require a third model.

    Note that you can have both relations active at the same time.

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