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ORM with RESTful API as backend/storage
  • Hello fellow Fuelers,

    I'm in search of a package or class that is similar to an ORM but doesn't use any kind of database as storage backend but rather a RESTful API.

    Basically the package/class should behave similar to Fuel's ORM such that I can do something like `Model\User::query()->where('username', 'LIKE', 'admin')->get()` and this will trigger a cURL request to the defined API with proper formatted arguments.
    The reason I am looking for this is to be able to write an API which can be used by both my webpage as well as third-party services or e.g., a native mobile app. With the current implementation (maybe just a dead lock in my brain) I cannot do this as my Fuel-app would be using the same models as the API is using which doubles the code to maintain given the API is a different app (separate code-base).

    Has anybody ever seen anything like that out in the open? Or do I just go with having the same model code in two places?
  • Yes, but not in the wild.

    We use a generic REST API in our application portfolio (which are distributed apps with central management). But I can't give that away I'm afraid.

  • That's what I thought, hoped though that pro-devs might know better about what's available in the wild ;)

    Just out of curiosity: is your implementation equivalent to fuel's orm package or striped down to the bare necessities?
  • It's pointless and not very efficient to replicate the API.

    We implemented a subset mainly for CRUD operations and datatables (paginated lists).

    I think the API should stay in control of what the client can see and do, if you expose a complete query API, you open yourself to abuse or worse.

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