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Migration creates unnesessary tables
  • I want to run

    oil refine -all

    However, the auth package is creating a ton of unnecessary (unwanted) tables:


    I am using the auth package, but with my own driver.  I have my own tables. I don't need those.

    The problem stems from migration 009:

    $basetable = 'users';

    Should I submit a pull request to not create those tables?  I'm too busy if its not wanted.

    Otherwise, should I just drop those tables?

    I suppose I could ignore it and document them as fluff.

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Why would you submit a PR to not create them? Simply because you don't use them, and break it for a lot of other users?

    They are used/required by the Opauth component of Auth.  The migrations can't smell you are not going to use that component. The user roles table is also not needed if your access system doesn't use roles.

    If you don't use those tables, nobody is stopping you from adding a migration to your app that deletes them, and creates them again in your down migration. It is the most clear solution.
  • "required by the Opauth component of Auth"

    This was the part which was not obvious to me.  That, and I don't understand the difference between Opauth and OAuth.  I had to ask, anyways.  The simpleauth schema was too complicated and feature rich for our basic use here.

    I hoped to avoid writing a down migration to re-create those tables, so I've decided to document them as database-padding instead.  ;)

  • That'll do I guess... ;)

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