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Implement auth driver (if i not mistaken) for joomla 3
  • Hey, I have a joomla 3 website, i need to create an application (along with joomla on same host), that application must be able to read/write some data from joomla database, but i want to use joomla's login /acl system instead of any other one,
    is it possible to create a layer for my fuelphp application for checking joomla user's table ( how ? :P ) and acl rules?

  • I wouldn't know why not.

    Define a db config entry for the joomla database so you can access the tables, and write your Joomla compatible auth system.

    I don't know how it works or how it is implemented, so I can't comment whether or not it is a good idea to use the Auth interface at the Fuel  end, or to write something specific that can fully utilize Joomla's system.

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