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Check if Soft Deleted on Login?
  • Hi,

    I need to run my user model extending Model_Soft so that I still have good tracking data to poll if an account is deleted.

    So, how do I check if the user has been soft deleted with simple auth? Do I need to? This is the first part of my admin controller for logging in:

    class Controller_Admin extends Controller_Base
    public $template = 'admin/template';

    public function before()

    $this->template->set_global('notification_count', \Model_Notification::count());

    if (Request::active()->controller !== 'Controller_Admin' or ! in_array(Request::active()->action, array('login', 'logout')))
    if (Auth::check())
    $admin_group_id = Config::get('auth.driver', 'Simpleauth') == 'Ormauth' ? 6 : 100;
    if ( ! Auth::member($admin_group_id))
    Session::set_flash('error', e('You don\'t have access to the admin panel'));

                    $u = Model_User::find(Auth::get_user_id()[1]);
                    $u->last_seen = time();
    if (Uri::segment(2)) {
    Response::redirect(Uri::base(false) . 'admin/login?destination=' . Uri::current());
    else {
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    None of the Auth implementations support Soft Delete out of the box.

    You'll have to create your own Model_User, by copying it from the Auth package to your app, and then have it extend \Orm\Model_Soft instead of Orm\Model.

    And perhaps other changes are needed as well, depending on your requirements.
  • Ok, I'll work from the point of assuming zero support and go from there. Thanks.
  • Ok. You can ping Steve on IRC if you need more info, ORM is more his thing.

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