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Error when change e-mail address in FuelPHP forum
  • Hello,

    I want to report a problem. But, I couldn't find a correct place to report it. So, I will report here instead. If this is a mistake, please forgive me and I will gladly to correct it.

    I want to change my e-mail address, but I get an error page when I save it.

    That's all I can say. I hope this can be fixed soon.
  • Not very good. Can you check again please?
  • Hi, Harro

    sorry for the late response.

    I have tried to change my e-mail again. But, I still got the error. The form didn't showed any notification. So, I checked from the developer tools.

    Here's the error message. It's different from the previous error.

  • Woops, sorry, made a typo (GetRoleById should have been GetByRoleId). Fixed now.
  • Hello, Harro

    I think there's still something missed. I still got this error:

  • Weird. No matter what I do, I can't reproduce this one.

    I also can't find that exception in the logs, so no clue what caused it.
  • Hello, Harro

    Well, I think that's weird, too :D

    But, the exception message is "Unknown column RoleID in where clause ....". Is it an error before saving the user data? Like, checking whether the user is valid or something.. Or, maybe there was a typo? Please correct me if I wrong.

  • Dunno. I created a test account, and went though those popups (user info, password change) several times, no error seen.

    I'll have a look if I see a reference to RoleID somehere in the code.
  • Hello, Harro

    thank you for your attention. I hope this problem can be figured out and fixed.

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