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Error chmod storage file
  • Hello,
    I have an error fuel in production :
    ERROR - 2017-10-01 12:28:26 --> Warning - chmod(): Operation not permitted in /opt/fuel-1.8.0/core/classes/cache/storage/file.php on line 308
    I dont understand I have all well setup about authorizations
    have you an idea ?
  • You need to be file owner to be allowed to change attributes.

    So if you file is rw-rw-r-- for UserA and Group, and you are UserB and member of Group, you can read and write without problems, but you can't change attributes.
  • Hey Harro, thanks for your answer,
    On what folder or/and file Fuel is trying to chmod ? I dont understand, I have not this issue in other install, maybe I did a mistake on a folder
  • ok Harro, I fixed it, Found the file in tmp folder. Thanks

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