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Can tasks be executed from the command line without oil
  • Is there a way I can execute a task without using oil. If so could I still use the FuelPHP framework / MVC mechanism? If so how/what would need to bootstrap the framework.
  • Hello !
    I never try to use tasks but I think that you should look after CRON tasks on server ;)
    With this you can fire planned commands !
  • No.

    A task is a commandline controller, you can't run it without bootstrapping the framework.

    What is the problem with using oil? It is just a few lines long frontloader?
  • I don't usually use it for anything else. Why not create another entry point (similar to index.php and bootstrap.php) but for CLI /tasks - as opposed to invoking a 'special tool' (Oil)
  • or perhaps add a script which could be included at the top of each task..... that way you could just go

    php tasks/mytask.php <parameters>

    like normal
  • oil is a separate entry point, it contains the same startup code as index.php.

    Please explain to me what you think the difference will be between

    oil r mytask <parameters>


    php tasks/mytask.php <parameters>

    Both have to do exactly the same thing, you are just making it a lot complexer.

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