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FuelPHP 1.8.1 and db session driver (PostgreSQL)
  • Hello,
    I use fuel in several my projects. Mainly I use db session driver (PDO -> PostgreSQL). After upgrade core to 1.8.1.* sessions stops working. Log is full of this message:

    ERROR - 2018-05-03 18:54:00 --> Session update failed, session record could not be recovered using the previous id

    After short debug I found a problem in core/classes/session/db.php in write method; $this->record->get('session_id') returns null (why? when I make this sql query in pgadmin3 it return good values). I use fuel from 1.6; till everythings working great!

    Can someone reproduce the same issue ?

  • Can you var_dump $this->record when it returns null, and post that here?

    I don't have PostgreSQL available to test at the moment.

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