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new version
  • i see new version of fuel in github named as : develop
    I'm so excited!

    can i use this version for my project?

  • FinlayDaG33kFinlayDaG33k
    Accepted Answer
    the develop branch is what it says it is: the development branch.
    you can, in theory, use it, but there is probably no guarantee about how it'll run.
    Just check the commits made in the last few days and see what changed to think about it for yourself :) 
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer

    No, that is very much a work in progress, we're busy converting the framework to PSR-4, and into a situation where we can update it without breaking to much.

    When this is ready it will probably be moved to "master" which is the standard branch to be used, and released as 1.9.0.

    As of now, it already requires:
    - all filenames and classnames to be changed to conform to PSR-4 (no more underscores)
    - all modules and packages to be converted to a composer/PSR-4 compliant setup

    We'll produce a migration document by the time it is ready for a release.

    Theoretically you are right, but not in this case. ;-)

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