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Auth / ORM - Delete Auth_Group and associated permissions
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to do the following:

    if ($group = \Model\Auth_Group::find($id))
    Session::set_flash('success', 'Deleted group #'.$id);

    I expect this would both delete the group, and delete it's associated children - such as assigned permissions in the 'users_group_permissions' table

    What I actually see is that the group is removed, and the associated permissions in the previously mentioned table just get updated to remove the 'group_id' - set to 0

    Is this expected behaviour? 

    I've tried:

                foreach($group->grouppermission as $assigned_permission){

    Group and permissions are removed but ORM tries to run an insert and errors:

    Fuel\Core\Database_Exception [ 1048 ]:
    Column 'group_id' cannot be null [ INSERT INTO `users_group_permissions` (`group_id`, `perms_id`, `actions`) VALUES (null, '10', 'a:1:{i:0;s:1:\"0\";}') ]

    Thanks in advance
  • There is a many-many relation between group and permission, meaning the same permission can be assigned to multiple groups (or users for that matter). So deleting a group should not delete the permission.

    If I look in the Auth_Group model, I see it also has a direct relation to that table, to be able to update the actions related to the group-permission combo, which are stored in "users_group_permissions". And that relation has "cascade_delete = false" defined on it. So that might block the delete.

    I've looked in the history, it's been there since day 1, april 2013. I'm a bit puzzled as to why it is there. Also to the why we've never bumped into it, I don't know, everyone of our apps uses Auth. A quick peek in the code reveals it uses the same code as you do.

    I think It should however delete the junction records in "users_group_permissions" when you delete a group, it is imho pointless to keep them when the group is gone.

    Can you check if removing that "cascade_delete" in the Auth_Group doesn't have any side-effects, I'm not in a position to test at the moment...
  • Thanks Harro, confirms my thoughts.

    I believed passing true to the $group->delete(true); should override the cascade_delete, although I may well be mistaken.

    I'll alter the Auth_Group model now to see if it does have any effect.

    Ok, so altering the "cascade_delete" to true is removing those users_group_permissions entries now, great.

    Next question, how do I alter the cascade_delete on run time? As I'd certainly prefer that to altering the Auth source
  • If it has no side-effects, I'll push an update to the Auth package with this change. 

    If it is wrong, it should be fixed at source, not worked around in your app...

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