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Session class give always error
  • Hello, 
    all is working in my project, but when i want to use the session class or Auth class, i have and redirect and after a none response from server.

    This is chrome message.

    This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

    No status code returned for the request.

    this is my configuration 
    'driver'           => 'cookie',
    I take a long time to understand that the problem is from Session class.
    Can anyone help me
  • No idea, I have never seen this error.

    Incorrect session cookie configuration so it is blocked by Chrome perhaps?
  • i cant access website when session is in use.
    No response is returned, empty page and no response code when trying to track history in chrome developer tools.
  • My apache log content from this request.

    A redirect is done and no response is returned to the client. (chrome)

    ::1 - - [29/May/2019:12:56:00 +0100] "POST /session/connect HTTP/1.1" 302 -

  • The session class doesn't do redirects, so it must be something else.

    Have you configured your app to fail on every error (the default in development)? Anything in the application logs?
  • I have no logs entry for this issue
  • I can't comment without knowing what you are doing.

    If I Google "Chrome ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE", I get a ton of pages, so it seems to be a common problem related to Chrome. What happens when you use another browser?

    Does your code redirect to something that actually returns any data?

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