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Future of the framework
  • Good to know for Hosting.

    For PyroCMS, it will be a lot easier to abandon it for the new website and keep it running for the forum only, along with PHPDocumentor setup, hence my question about content managment.

    Headless CMS only hosts content, not the website. It is then served on the fly at page load through JS, from CDN. Have a look at Prismic and Storyblok for a more detailled insight.

    For Mattermost, I looked and I like the Open source mentality behind it, but Discord is popular and widely used in the dev community, it may be better to encourage contributions and interest in Fuel.

  • As long as it is free, I can live with it.

    There is no budget, and I doubt our sponsor is willing to pay for stuff they don't host (which is sort of free for them).
  • Indeed :-)
  • Great idea to move on Discord ! thanks Adam and Harro
  • I'm using Cloudways, and it comes with PHP 7+ support built-in, so it's fairly nifty and works for me.
  • P.S to support my comment, allowed me to share the platform that is PHP hosting from Cloudways:
    cloudways. com/en/php-hosting.php

    And that is helping me in acing out and reducing the complexity of server hassles as well integrating with my PHP framework.

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