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Running an existing project on localhost
  • Hello,

    I'm trying to get an existing project running on my local machine. Currently I've only got access to what is in the code repository which is missing some of the core files. In the public directory I have a composer.phar file and an oil file, but no composer.json file. 

    When I run locally I get the message "No composer autoloader found. Please run composer to install the FuelPHP framework dependencies first!"

    I've tried adding the composer.json from the download available and running an update to no avail. 

    Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please?

  • Any idea for which Fuel version the app has been written?

    Nornally there is no overlap in directories between framework files and app files, so it should be possible to do a new framework install (as per the docs), and if that works (to check your web server setup is ok), delete all directories except the "fuel" directory, and copy the app into it, skipping the "fuel" directory.

  • Hi Harro, thanks for the reply, I'll give that a try. It's v1.8

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