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Unable to create/use multiple Database instance in Oil
  • What I trying to achieve
    Create an oil task to upgrade old database structure (DATABASE old_db) to new database structure (DATABASE new_db). For this task, I wrote a Upgrader class and store it in

    Here a snippet of Upgrader class
    class Upgrader {
     private $db = NULL;
     private $run = array (
     public function __construct() {
      $this->$db = \Fuel\Core\Database_MySQL::instance('migrate');
      \DB::query('TRUNCATE TABLE `mappers`')->execute();
      foreach ($this->run as $run) {
       $method = "down_{$run}";
       echo "Calling {$method}";
       $method = "up_{$run}";
       echo "Calling {$method}";
       echo "Table/Module: {$run} migrated";
       echo "----";
     private function query($sql) {
      return $this->db->query(1, $sql, NULL);

    This so far work great if I called it from a controller but when I load it from oil refine I got this following error
    Mior-Muhammad-Zakis-MacBook-Pro:mobife crynobone$ php oil refine aduit:upgrade
    PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class Fuel\Core\Database in /Users/crynobone/Sites/mobife/fuel/core/classes/database.php on line 18
    Compile Error - Cannot redeclare class Fuel\Core\Database in COREPATH/classes/database.php on line 18

    So is there something I'm missing? Or is there a better way to use multiple database connection with FuelPHP?
  • Just tried a different approach by using DB instead but still fail.
    private function query($sql) {
      return \DB::query($sql)->execute('migrate');

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