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Add i18n (aka internationalisation and localization) to uri
  • I made an i18n feature for Fuel PHP. Just by extending the Uri class... See code: Copy code into: /app/classes/uri.php Add the following to the app bootstrap:
     // Add classes you want to override here
     // Example: 'View' => APPPATH.'classes/view.php',
     'Uri' => APPPATH.'classes/uri.php',

    If someone has suggestions or knows how to do it better, please let it know on this topic.
  • You have to change in asset config:
    'url' => Config::get('base_url'),
    'url' => '/'
  • Hi Mike Thanks for this Uri class, it works like a charm ! Is it possible to redirect to a splash page (to select the desired language) when no language is passed in the URL ? Currently it shows the page and uses the default language set in config. Thanks in advance !

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