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Order_by Database_Expression Model
  • Hi, I want to order-by a find on a Model with a Database_Expression
    I've seen the post "order_by random" ( and the issue ( It seems that it works with DB requests but not with Model requests. 1. DB::select('*')->from('table')->order_by(DB::expr('ISNULL(table.flied)'))->execute();
    2. Model_Table::find('all', array('order_by' => array(DB::expr('ISNULL(table.flied)') => 'ASC')));
    3. Model_Table::find()->order_by(DB::expr('ISNULL(table.flied)'), 'ASC')->get(); 1. work fine, 2. and 3. make Warning PHP and the sql have no ORDER BY Warning for 2.
    ErrorException [ Warning ]: Illegal offset type
    APPPATH/classes/controller/test.php @ line 23:
    23: Model_Table::find('all', array('order_by' => array(DB::expr('ISNULL(table.flied)') => 'ASC'))); Warning for 3.
    ErrorException [ Warning ]: Illegal offset type
    PKGPATH/orm/classes/query.php @ line 363:
    363: $this->order_by[$property] = $direction; Is there another way to do order-by with Database_Expression in Model that i have not seen ?
  • Seems to be a bug, if you you create an issue on Github I'll look into it.

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