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Package request
  • I've been on kind of a productive streak lately and I just finished up my last project for a while. If anyone needs some package thrown together send some ideas my way... What would you find useful?
  • Hi, Off the top of my head here are a few things off my list of things to do just to give you some ideas. #DbConfig - Very basic class written and posted here on the forums today (13/7/11) needs expanding to accommodate groups etc... #Assets - grouping, minimising, caching and support for assets in modules to make them truly standalone - Casset maybe a good solution for this - still playing but it's looking good #Widgets / Addons / Plugins / Modules Management - Whatever you want to call it
    #CKEditor - jQuery version working but needs converting to a package
    #Filemanager All database stuff needs to use \DB::select type syntax as people like me for example don't always use ORM. If you or anyone else would like to pick any of these up and run with them be my guest lol Phil.
  • I'm already 3/4 of the way through a forum module. But it uses ORM. Perhaps it would be a good idea to use \DB but I'm using Fieldset and the add_model function heavily as a way to learn the framework.
  • Hi, Do one for each type of deployment. There you go problem solved lol I personally try not to develop anything that relies on other addons/plugins/packages if I can help it as I find it limits the number of places / projects it can be deployed. I know I mentioned Casset but I can definitely see more pros than cons for this one and IMHO it should be in the Fuel core. No disrespect to the ORM package as it is extremely good in fact the best one I have seen. I have found it to be simple to use and fairly quick Jelmer did an excellent job with it and hats off to the guy. It definitely will be used in some of my projects but when it comes to developing generic packages I would not use it. I just prefer to use the \DB::stuff because of the flexibility for deployment in various projects and it is slightly faster. The end user experience is the most important things in my book. Just my thoughts on the subject... Oh just thought of another one payment systems: Paypal, Sagepay, Google checkout etc... lol Phil.
  • Syntaqx and I are working on an e-commerce package: Currently it only has a shopping cart class, but we're going to be developing a bunch of useful bits for e-commerce applications (including payment gateways).
  • Oh, and Phil... I just pushed up a DbConfig package It duplicates the functionality of the \Config class, but uses a database to store the information instead of config files. The data is stored as a json_encoded string so you'd be able to use the data for other applications easily as well if you were so inclined. It's not attributed or DocBlocked yet, but the basics are there.
  • For the Blog module, you should consider using many-to-many for the tagging, so it doesn't repeat much of the tags, for each one. Also it could extend to having multiple types of tags. When you have time can you push what you have so far for your forum module?
  • Yes sir. That I can do. The blog module is far from complete. What you see there is the result of one small night of work. I will definitely be changing a lot around :) And for the forums... I will push that up once I have a minute or two :) Thanks for your interest!

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