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Odd ordering result with ORM related query
  • I saw the post from the other day but I believe I'm running to a different problem. For whatever reason when I'm trying to find models if I set a condition on a related table the ordering comes out different if there is a limit imposed. The ORM query looks like this
      $posts = Model_Post::find()
                    ->where('user_network.network_id', $id)
                    ->order_by('created_at', 'desc')

    If run that, then the output is very odd it looks like it orders the results by the user and then the time the main model was created. Now If I take out there where conditional it orders everything correctly. OR if I take out the limit everything is also ordered correctly, but with both I dont know whats going on. Also it seems to be fetching the right rows, but they're just jumbled up. Am I missing something with with ORM and limits & relations?
  • Could you replace ->get() with ->get_query() and echo the output (you'll get a Database_Query instance which can be cast to string to get the SQL). That'll help in determining if something is wrong.
  • Hey sorry it took me a while to get back thanks for responding, I made sure to pull the lastest ORM package and rewrote the code and things seem to be working now, I may have been passing a null variable into the offset method which was most likely the culprit

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