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Fuel Text Filter Package
  • I just released a Text Filter package for Fuel. Its purpose is to add a way to run filters on text input in a unified way. I originally made the package to run on Response output, but think it's much better served to not limit itself to that. The package needs a bit of documentation, but here are the basics... add the package as normal, either at runtime or in always_load To create a set of filters to be run at once...
    // In one command
    $output = FilterSet::factory('label', array('acronym', 'markdown')->process_all($string_to_parse);
    // As an object
    $filterset = FilterSet::factory('label');
    $filterset->prepend('acronym', $config_array);
    $markdown_output = $filterset->process('markdown');
    $acronym_output = $filterset->process('acronym');
    $all_output = $filterset->process_all();
    var_dump($filterset); // Will show that all filters have been erased.

    You may have multiple instances of filterset, and I am working on a way to store filtersets so you can use them on multiple requests. To directly access a single filter...
    $filter = new Filter('markdown', $config_array);
    $filtered_output = $filter->process($string_to_be_formatted);
    // Or in one call
    $filtered_output = new Filter('acronym')->process($string_to_be_formatted);
  • There are more pre-packaged filters on the way as I think of them. Any suggestions?
  • Hats off to you mate you are getting good at this :) Just been chatting with Dregond on x-chat he has a few good ideas for packages / modules. He was talking about some sort of CRUD package which I thought was a good idea. You should get on there as lots of good discussions pop up.
  • I have my baby boy today so I won't have time but if you have any good ideas send them my way!!!

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