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Language Translation Task
  • Seems like this might be useful to anyone with multilingual concerns, Basically just generates multilingual lang files once you have your originating lang file completed. I'm using it, but would be nice to have some one else try to break it. ;)
  • This looks very cool! I hope Bing is up to scratch, otherwise things can get very funny... ;)
  • Hah, yeah, seemed like the most credible translation api now that google's is being phased out.
  • Thanks for this it looks like it could be very useful. Didn't know Google were phasing theirs out. Thanks for the heads up.
  • This indeed looks very nice. thank you so much!
  • Oh this is great! hopefully not too many mistakes with bing translation
  • yeah, I figured that most people that only know one language, would be simply going and copying and pasting back and forth anyways.
  • Very well done sir, thanks a lot!

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