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How to get ORM Observer to use MySQL datetime
  • Hey everyone, I was trying to get the ORM Observers to use MySQL datetimes rather than unix timestamps, however I can't figure out how to use the code provided in the docs. They provide this code:
    Orm\Observer_CreatedAt::$mysql_timestamp = true; But where do I use this? In the model? It doesn't seem to work there. Thanks!
  • As per Jelmer on StackOverflow:

    This is something that was put in a bit hacky and should have been a config value from the beginning, something we'll fix for 1.1. Best way to do it right now is probably to give the models using the CreatedAt/UpdatedAt observers an _init() method like the code below. The init method is called by the autoloader after loading the class. public static function _init()
    Orm\Observer_CreatedAt::$mysql_timestamp = true;
    Orm\Observer_UpdatedAt::$mysql_timestamp = true;

    Very helpful!

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