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Introducing: Cart, a fuel cart package
  • I heard some people talking about or asking around in search of a Cart class. So I've made one:
    It supports: - Cookie or Session storage (configurable per cart).
    - Single or multi cart usage.
    - Item options (with optional added product price). Hope you like it. If you use it somewhere, please let me know! Post below or look me up on twitter (@frankdejonge). See anything you would change? Fork and send a pull-request. Cheers,
  • Thank you. Thank you for not putting this in the core. :p
  • Do I detect some Cart dislikage? :P
    And jep, it shouldn't be in Core. That's why it's a package! :D
  • This package is now available in fuel-packages: It now also supports fixed and relative tax rates. Tax rates can also be set on individual products and default to the Cart's tax rate if not provided.

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