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OpenID authentication driver
  • I'm currently in the process of writing an authentication driver using OpenID. You can find the work in progress on my github page : I'm actually trying to add to the package but I'm struggling to find a way to link the javascript from withing the package... Hopefully this will work at the end of the week :) Any comments welcome !
  • I've never used openID, kinda stuck on my own authentication system but would be very interested in trying this out. I'll keep an eye on your progress. In terms of your problem can you do something like write a method that will echo out the JS directly, like Security::js_fetch_token() I can't think of another way to link JS from within the package.
  • I've already done that for the little snippet of JS needed for the widget initialization, but I also need to include one bigger script contained in one file distributed with OpenID Selector. Sure I can include it inline, but performance wise it won't be as effective as a having a separate file. I have found a solution with Assetic, but I don't want to add this dependency... Still searching ;)

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